Building your own home to the exact DIY custom specifications that fit you, your family and your personal preferences can be a dream come true in the final finished product, but going through the process step by painful slow step can be a nightmare as well.

Not happy with what was available in the area we were looking, we decided that since there were decent sized lots available for purchase, our best and most exciting option to reach our dream would be to design and build by custom home builders charlotte nc. In your mind that is a great idea, but in reality the amount of time, work and sheer frustration involved turned the whole building experience into an experiment in self-control at times when things weren’t going quite as smoothly as anticipated. It constantly fluctuated from dreams to nightmares and back again.

The first thing was coming up with a home floor plan and design that we both agreed on. That took quite a while scanning through books and websites, piecing together a proposed plan. After that I went on a search for an architect to draw up the blue prints. I found out a draftsman did the same job for a lot less, since I already had the design and rough floor plan. His office was quite a drive away. That involved a few out of town trips, but it went smoothly. He had some great ideas and details that hadn’t occurred to newbie me. His prices were reasonable and the finished product was extremely professional. If the whole experience had gone that easily, it would have been amazing.

Next was buying one of the pieces of property available in the neighborhood we wanted. There were only a few lots left. That was easy enough. I picked one away from the main drag.

The neighborhood was all custom houses at that point. The plans had to be approved by a neighborhood board of directors. They could not be the same or similar to another house in the neighborhood. They also had to meet or exceed their minimum required square footage. In addition, they required a blueprint floor plan be left with them for approval, and then if approved, they would keep it in their files. Extra copies of the large blueprints cost extra money.

Admittedly, that made me uncomfortable, not knowing any of them from Adam. I didn’t care for the idea of someone I didn’t know holding a detailed layout of every bit of structure of my proposed home. I suppose I imagined some unknown thief breaking in to their homes and getting access to every nook and cranny, entrance and weak spot that could give them a way in to all the houses. The house plans were approved by the high and mighty neighborhood board of directors.

Then the city had to approve them. Nothing in building your own house is single layered or easy. There was a lot of sitting and waiting involved that drove us nuts too. One person would want it done yesterday while another wasn’t even remotely done with it yet.