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Keep it Fun, Cheap, ‘Green’

You’d really like to have some cool furniture, but you don’t have the money for the expensive stuff. This is the time to think about furniture you can build. It can be fun and inexpensive. This may finally be the motivation you need to throw yourself into the “green” age. These days its all about green, cheap, unique and do-it-yourself.

We have a short list of used office furniture you can build on your own. This list will be sure to get your creative juices flowing so you can think up some of your own designs.

If you’re into cars, then this is the project for you. A great starting point is the local junkyard. For a steering wheel end table, you’ll want a few junkyard items. For about $30.00 you can get a steering wheel, a crankshaft and a flywheel. You’re going to get a little greasy, so get ready for that.

You have your parts, and now you need your welding mask. Weld the crankshaft and flywheel together, set steering wheel on top. When you’ve got it just right, add glass to the steering wheel and polish. Everyone will love this unusual décor, especially car lovers.

This is another one of those fairly easy pieces of furniture you can build yourself. It is a coffee table from reclaimed wood. Old wood is always easy to find. Someone else is always tearing down old wood in buildings or redoing their deck. There might even be an old stack of wood or railroad ties somewhere nearby. This makes it really easy to design furniture you can build.

The first thing to do is get four long pieces as sides for your table and make sure they’re the same size. For the base of the table you’ll need four short pieces, (the same size). Your base pieces and side pieces need to be glued together. Adding angle anchors will keep all the pieces from slipping. Now you’ll need to do this for all the other three sides. You can leave your table distressed looking or sand and stain it.

You’ll need to make a frame of plywood sheet. Then you’ll attach strips from the wood. There needs to be a ¼-inch edge on each side. This should be left to dry. Using more angle anchors, you’ll screw the frame sheet to each base. Completely cover the frame with 1/8″ inch tiles you’ve cut from your wood. Place all these tiles down evenly with glue and let dry. Now you can pour epoxy on the tiles, but be sure to let this completely dry too.

This is the fun part of furniture you can build. Add your own hardware, using door pulls you’ve chosen. Measure your table for the piece of glass that will go on top of it. New glass is recommended, but you can use recycled glass from an old coffee table

Now that you have jump-started your own imagination you’ll think up lots of new ideas for furniture you can build on your own. Have fun.

What would you do if a tree fell on your roof in the middle of the night? A situation such as this would warrant an emergency roof repair. This is just one case that would make you approach a Austin roof repairs contractor. Other situations may include a compromised roof which allows water infiltration, or roofs ripped off by windstorms. There are some simple actions you need to take when faced with emergency roof damages. The four basic steps are as discussed below.

Do not panic:

You need not panic since the damage to the roof is already done. You will need to first and/or foremost contact your insurance provider and a professional roofing contractor to help. Once you have contacted these service providers they may respond instantly if the damage at hand is seriously an emergency. Other roof repair companies are quick in their response and usually arrive at your place instantly to assess the damage.

Assess the damage:

It will be important that you assess the damage. If, for example, a tree fell on your roof the extent of the damage may not be that serious when compared to a damage caused by fire. Fire may burn down your whole roof system. Windstorms have the potential to reap off the whole roofing system. So if the whole of your roof is damaged by fire or a windstorm, know that you will need a complete roof overhaul. In some cases, the roof may be damaged in a small section and this may not be termed an emergency as such.

Exercise caution:

You need to be aware of the ‘storm chasers’. Storm chasers are companies which follow weather events and patterns keenly and capitalize on the homeowners’ fears. They go about charging highly for roof damages caused by the adverse weather conditions. It will be necessary that you check whether the roof repair company is registered and licensed to undertake the roof repair service. This will help you avoid spending a lot of money when repairing your roof. Moreover, you will need to insure your property if you are a new homeowner. Furthermore, look for a qualified roofing contractor within your locality and ensure you have their contacts. Their contacts will be helpful in times of emergency.

Do not attempt prior repair:

You should not attempt to repair the roof on your own. This is because there is too much risk of you being injured even if he damage is simple. You will also be incapable of properly assessing the actual damage. Some forms of damages are best understood and assessed by the roof repair contractors. As a word of reminder, you will need to document your loss and damages in writing. You may also take photos. In other instances, attempting prior repair may cause further damage. The rule of the thumb is that you leave everything as it is for the insurance company and the roofing contractors to come and carry out a damage assessment. This is because they are better placed at handling roof damages as it is their area of expertise.

These are some of the few steps to take in case you are faced with a sudden roof damage. However, you need to take note that not all roof damages are an emergency. Some forms of damages are bearable and can wait. Other cases such as severe windstorms and fire damages may force you to locate to a temporary shelter while the roof is being repaired since it may need a complete overhaul. It is the role of the roof repair contractors to determine whether the damage to your roof is an emergency or not.