With back to school just behind most parents, many are feeling the hit on the pocketbook. Children’s clothes are ridiculously expensive at retail prices. Especially when your kids are going to grow out of them quickly! Luckily there are many ways you can save money on your children’s merino clothing! With just a few easy steps your kids will be looking great yet you will have money left in the bank.

Shop at the end of the season

If you must buy new, shopping at the end of the season for the next year will save you a lot of money. You won’t get first pick of clothing but you will find some major deals. For instance, I have gotten my daughter shorts for the next season for $2 or $2 a piece. You really can’t go wrong when it is a quality item.

Shop consignment and thrift stores

Thrift stores and consignment shops are a great way to find used clothing for next to nothing. Some stores will have much better selections than others, so it all depends on where you look. Some thrift stores aren’t a very good deal at all though so beware! You really need to look over the items you are buying as well. But generally, you will be able to find some good buys. Kids outgrow clothes so fast you will likely find clothes with tags on them still! Consignment shops are great because you can often find really great quality clothing in good condition for cheap. As an added bonus, you can sell your child’s clothes there too and save money that way on new clothes!

EBay, Free cycle andCraig list

The internet is a great way to find clothes for cheap or next to nothing. I especially like EBay the best. I tend to buy a couple of large lots and my kids are set. I just bought a bunch of things for my daughter for next summer so she already has her wardrobe ready to go! Free cycle is a good way to find clothes free! You can’t go wrong for free! You can always donate what you don’t want or just free cycle it again! You can also find many low-priced items on Craig’s list. A lot of people just want to get rid of the stuff so you will often times be able to find really good deals this way!

Church, rummage sales, yard sales

Just like the previous ideas, rummage sales, yard sales and church sales are ideal for finding cheap kid’s clothing in great shape! Often times if you go on the last day of the sale you will be able to score further savings as well. Yard sales are great if you have the time for them!

Host a clothing swap

You could get all your friends together or your playgroup and have everyone bring their kids outgrown clothing. You can either run this as everyone taking what they need or trade per item.

Hand me downs

Hand me downs are the most obvious choice for those with multiple children in the family and extended family. Almost a rite of childhood! Be sure to mark your clothing or specify when or if you will want them back. If you are giving them out to loan be sure to not expect them to come back in the same condition or you may be disappointed.
All in all children’s clothing can be found very cheap. If you are spending too much you are probably paying full price. With a little planning, you can be on your way to saving a bundle.